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    Making of "Pokrivenost na celom terenu" 

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    Maxwel Holt.

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    10 pictures of Ivan Zaytsev and Dragan Travica!

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    Ivan Zaytsev at Dinamo Moscow.

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  9. Photo Perfetto!


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  10. Photo Jesus, they are just so cute!

    Jesus, they are just so cute!

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    Italy National Team | © 

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    Baranowicz Travica Zaytsev | © 

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    “Rupert is a unique soul. He’s a very funny guy. But without realising it, actually! I swear most of his comedy comes by accident. But he’s very good at it! And he’s incredibly infectious. People laugh around me all day and I don’t get suckered into it. But when he laughs … that’s it! It’s game over for me. I feel something inside of me turn and I’m like, ‘Oh, no!’”

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